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PRP Seats SBCI-EB Clip-in Harness and Eye Bolt Kit - Black

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PRP Seats
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Clip-in tabs are a must have for vehicles that have the shoulder portion of their harnesses bolted in rather than wrapped around a harness bar. If you need to take the seat out for any reason to clean or access the battery Clip-in make it quick and easy to disconnect the harness. Versus if you have a standard tab where you will need to use tools to remove the harness. These Clip-in kits are only designed for the shoulder belts of the harness since the lap belt tabs are sewn in and not easily switched out.


  • One clip-in tab
  • One eye bolt
  • One lock washer
  • One nut


  • A complete eye bolt kit and Clip-in tab for mounting your harnesses
  • Allows the harness to be easily removed to access the battery
  • Only work on the shoulder belts of a harness lap belts have sewn in tabs
  • Kit includes one Clip-in tab and one bolt
  • Two kits required per harness

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