HCT Powersports 2016 Polaris RZR XP Turbo ECU Tuning


With Flash Cable
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      HCT Powersports offers our signature ecu tuning that will transform your already fast Polaris RZR XP Turbo into an absolute animal! In addition to boost, fuel, timing, rev limit and speed limit changes, we also help the cooling system issues by lowering the fan on temperature by 20 Deg F. This makes a huge difference in the temperature the engine runs at and prevents run away coolant temps on hot days and high loads. Each tune is customized with fueling corrections for intakes, exhausts, etc. 

      You can either bring in your ECU to our facility and we can flash it by appointment in about 2 hours or you can mail it to us and we can reflash it usually same day or next day and mail it back. 



      You can flash it your self  using our HCT Flash Cable for an additional $225.00 This gives you the ability to change file and flash back to stock at any time with your PC at home

       **Stages 2-5RI will require a wastegate adjustment.**

       Great Features:

      • Stage 1 - +20 WHP @ 15PSI - 91 Octane
      • Stage 2 - +25 WHP @ 15.5PSI - 91 Octane (requires aftermarket exhaust)
      • Stage 3 - +35 WHP @ 17PSI - 93 Octane (requires aftermarket exhaust)
      • Stage 4RI - +42 WHP @ 18PSI - 95 Octane (requires aftermarket exhaust) includes big injectors
      • Stage 5RI - +50 WHP @ 21PSI - 100 Octane (requires aftermarket exhaust, big injectors, charge tube, & spark plugs)
      • Rev & Speed Limiters raised 
      • Improved throttle response in all modes 
      • Improved ignition timing advance optimized for 91 octane for maximum power
      • Fueling adjusted for aftermarket components (intakes, exhausts and cat deletes) for optimal Air/Fuel Ratios
      • No need to run a "piggyback" fuel controller with our reflash for most bolt on mods (You are responsible to make sure your mods are compatible with our programming - All HCT and most other aftermarket companies exhausts are compatible with our programming as well as all HCT intakes)
      • Torque limiters removed (Crisper Throttle Response)
      • Cooling fan on temperature is lowered by 20 Degrees.

      Your ECU can either be mailed or dropped off to our Cedar City, UT facility for reprogramming or a new ECU is available for an additional $549.99. Questions? 480.500.8995


      Please NOTE: 

      • For off road competition use only

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