PRP Seats SBLap3CE Latch and Link Lap Belt with 3" Clip-in and EZ Adjusters - Black


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      Lap belts are built for off road in 3" lap belt with latch and link closure. Use the lap belts by themselves or switch out the lap belts on an existing harnesses. Used along with a eye bolt kit, these tabs have a release clip that allows you to quickly take the belt out of the vehicle (rather than having to unbolt it every time). Great for when you need to access the battery under the seat, or when removing the belts for cleaning. Can sometimes be difficult to use.


      • Color: Black
      • Belt Width: 3"
      • Lap Belt Attachment: Clip-in
      • Lap belt Adjustment: EZ Adjusters
      • Length: 6"
      • Width: 6"
      • Height: 6"
      • Weight: 3 lb

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