PRP Seats A100610 Premier High Back with Extra Wide and 2" XT Suspension Seat


  • Product Description

      With 7" of containment, the premier is PRP versatile, all-around, off-road suspension seat. A great classic seat for jeeps, buggies, trail rigs, and pre-runners. Personalize your seat with dozens of fabric, color, and stitch options as well as comfort options like heaters, lumbar support, and storage pockets. Like all of PRP’s classic series seats, the premier can be built up to 4" taller and 2" wider. As an alternative to the height options, you can change the classic hoop to an adjustable headrest or eliminate the headrest altogether for that vintage low back look.


      • PRP original suspension seat
      • Classic style
      • Mid-sized containment for a wide range of uses


      • Product Line: Premier Series
      • Color: Black
      • Seat Size: 2"

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