Dalton Industries 2013+ Arctic Cat Wildcat “X” models, (w/Team Clutches only) DUV-A1000X


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      One clutch kit that can be set up for different terrain and tires sizes/elevations means accurate clutch tuning for your situation. Improved acceleration, back shifting, and belt performance.

      The location of the clutches on the Wildcat X makes the Dalton flyweights a great tuning option. This kit includes Dalton's patented "Quick Adjust" flyweight system that allows you to add or subtract weight from the flyweights for fine tuning without even removing the flyweights from the drive clutch. T-handle allen wrench and quick adjust set screws included.

      Dalton's new "Quick Adjust" flyweight in this kit was designed specifically for this 2013+ Wildcat X application.

      Instruction manual includes "flyweight Set-Up Guide" for most applications.

      Click here to see the Dirt Trax TV Trail Tech session that includes installing this kit.

      * What about the 4 seat version?

      This kit was designed, tested and developed on a two seat version of this vehicle. CVT clutch calibration is “controlling rate of shift of the belt” in many situations. It is related to HP, weight of the vehicle, terrain application, tires, etc. The correct clutch calibration is always vehicle and application specific. In some instances of other side by side vehicles we can use the same or similar kits in both vehicle versions with different instructions. In others, it requires a kit with some different components.

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