Dalton Industries 2013- 2017 Maverick (not 2017+ XMR version) Clutch Kit DBM-1000


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      Stock or oversized tires*, adjustable kit

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      The Maverick is a new level of performance in sport side x side vehicles from Can Am. There are many differences from earlier 1000 cc engine versions. The engine is a more powerful version with higher HP from different engine configuration, and it makes more power in a different way. A new drive clutch uses different flyweights than previous models, and has some different features. This one clutch kit can be set up for different situations.

      Kit includes adjustable flyweights and a new secondary spring. There is also an instruction manual with a full set up guide for different tire sizes, elevations, etc. is included.

      *On the Maverick 1000, order optional Black/Violet (part# DPSS-B/V) secondary spring when using:

      • 28" Extreme Mud tires (Outlaws, Silverbacks), or any 28" tire at high elevations (over 4000').
      • with any tire 29.5"and larger
      • Maverick XMR 1000

      *What about the MAX (4 seat version) ?

      This kit was designed, tested and developed on a two seat version of this vehicle. CVT clutch calibration is “controlling rate of shift of the belt” in many situations. It is related to HP, weight of the vehicle, terrain application, tires, etc. The correct clutch calibration is always vehicle and application specific. In some instances of other side by side vehicles we can use the same or similar kits in both vehicle versions with different instructions. In others, it requires a kit with some different components.

      Although these parts will physically “fit” the clutches and could help, we have not tested a four seat MAX version of this vehicle and thus cannot comment or make recommendations for that application.

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