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      A brake upgrade for the Can-Am X3 is an extremely important modification that can get easily overlooked. With most of us UTV owners so focused on how fast we can go, we fail to miss the need to stop equally as quick. In racing they say, “fast in and fast out”. “Fast in” is hard to do with the stock Can-Am X3 brakes as they are extremely soft and simply cannot handle 200 horsepower modified vehicles. J.Juan Brake Systems out of Spain is the first company to deliver a true big brake kit for the Can-Am Maverick X3. As an OEM supplier to Can-Am and other manufactures for braking components, J.Juan decided this was an important upgrade that needed to be made. Through proper engineering, datalogging, race testing, and validation, they have come up with an incredible brake upgrade for all four corners of your Can-Am X3. Vivid Racing also has an extensive background in using big brake kits and improving braking performance. As a strategic partner for J.Juan, we see the value in how important this brake upgrade is. This is why we are proud to represent and sell this high-end, full big brake system. This 4 wheel big brake kit will give you the competitive edge on the trails, in the dunes, and in the highest form of racing!

      The complete brake kit is 100% a bolt-on system. There is nothing to modify, cut, buy extra, etc. The only thing required for installation is some DOT4 synthetic brake fluid so you can bleed the brake system according to the instructions included in the kit. The brake kit uses the factory steel braided brake lines from Can-Am to provide an easy installation and firm pedal feel. Each caliper is a forged design that is then CNC machined to spec. Unlike the stock sliding caliper, the new 4 piston caliper offers increased brake torque and is extremely rigid. The oversided pad surface means you have optimal contact to the new larger, 1 piece, drilled, steel rotor. The brake pad design is meant to be self cleaning so it does not get clogged with debris. Special CNC machining of the brake caliper design allows for maximum air cooling to keep brake temperatures down which helps avoid potential brake fade. Each caliper has staggard, oversized, titanium pistons which calculate out to an overall larger surface area than stock. These calipers and rotors are designed to fit under the stock 14 inch wheels for those that retain them or use it as a spare. Whether you are riding with your family and friends, weekend racing, or a full professional competitor, the J.Juan Brake Kit is one upgrade you will not want to skip on!



      • Plug and Play Kit – No Modifications Required!
      • Special SBS Pad Compound – Provides increased durability over the stock compound in all temperature ranges without risk of of glazing or fading.
      • Staggard Titanium Pistons – Low weight and provides even more thermal isolation compared to stainless steel pistons with 30% less weight.
      • Full CNC Machined Calipers – Machined from 7075 T6 aluminum.
      • Larger Diameter Brake Rotors for the Front and Rear.
      • Race Specific Bolt Design – Pre-drilled holes for safety wires if required by the racing rules.
      • Race Proven – JJuan has top competitors using the brake upgrade in disciplines such as the Baja 1000 and European rally racing.

      OEM to JJuan Comparison:

      • Rotor Sizes:
        • Stock Front – 260mm
        • JJuan Front – 280mm
        • Stock Rear – 250mm
        • JJuan Rear – 268mm
      • Rotor Weight:
        • Stock Front – 2.34lbs
        • JJuan Front – 2.15lbs
        • Stock Rear – 3.34lbs
        • JJuan Rear – 3.10lbs
      • Caliper Weight:
        • Stock Front – 2.10lbs
        • JJuan Front – 2.80lbs
        • Stock Rear – 2.40lbs
        • JJuan Rear – 2.75lbs


      • Fits all 2017-2019 Can-Am Maverick X3 2 Seater and 4 Seater Variants

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