BullRing 4055 Shorty Low Profile Retractable Tie-Down Anchors for Ford - 1 Pair


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      Premium tie down anchor point for your truck. While the stock anchors points are inside the bed where it is hard to reach. Bullrings retractable anchor points easily install into the stake pockets on top of your bed rails. Simply pop the stainless steel ring up when you want to use it to secure a load. Ford shorty flush fit model is designed for ford F150 and raptors with 5.5 ft beds. Unlike the 6 ft and 8 ft models that have a cover over the stake pockets these 5.5" shorty truck beds have the stake pockets hidden underneath the plastic rail cap. This anchor to specifically fit these models, and a router bit that makes trimming the plastic quick and easy. The retractable anchor sits level with the rail cap, and has a classic polished stainless steel finish. Can be installed in the 4 stake pockets of your ford truck. Purchase 1 or 2 pairs to fit these slots, and don’t forget to add-on a bullring router bit to make installation easy.


      • Fully retractable snaps up when in use and snaps down when not
      • Rail cap trim required for installation
      • Hidden stake pockets on 5' bed trucks
      • Flush with rail and perfect for tonneau covers
      • Stainless ring, stainless chassis, nylon lower body with sound dampening
      • Lifetime warranty


      • Ford F-150 2004-2014
      • Ford Raptor 2010-2014


      • Position: Front and Rear
      • Color: Black
      • Material: Stainless Steel and Nylon
      • Dimensions: 2.62"× 2" × 2.50"
      • Capacity: 1000 lb
      • Weight: 1 lb


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