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HCT Powersports 3530102 3.0 l Split Cooling Tank System for Polaris RZR

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Split Cooling Tank System
HCT Powersports
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The new HCT XP Turbo Split Tank 3.0 Cooling System upgrade increases capacity by 1.5L over stock and 1L more than the previous version. The new design also incorporates two completely separate tanks for superior cooling. The new 3.0 design was developed using Solid Works which allowed us to optimize space, design and increased functionality. Manufactured in a state of the art facility delivering a superior finished product. Available only in raw aluminum for best performance. Proudly Made in USA

The Split Tank 3.0 system increases overall capacity and separates the radiator coolant from the heat exchanger coolant with two separate reservoir tanks. This system was tested in extreme Arizona heat and conditions from sea level to 8000+ ft mountain elevations with temperatures from 120 to 38 degrees Fahrenheit.

The OEM design has inadequate flow and allows much of the HOT coolant to recirculate right back into the engine before it ever has a chance to cool down. With the HCT Powersports split system we force all the coolant to travel through the radiator and heat exchanger drastically improving cooling efficiency with temps reduced by 15-20+ degrees under load.

We have achieved this by cleverly rerouting and increasing the coolant flow while separating the single coolant system into two SEPERATE cooling systems using our proprietary designed tank system. This allows for superior cooling of the engine and turbo charger systems. Not only will this system help to keep your engine coolant temps lower, but the system will also help keep the turbo from heat soaking, long term performance will be improved with cooler intake air temps and less heat stress on major engine and turbo components. Combine with our ECU calibrations for a bullet proof ride and some extra ponies!! 

The Split Tank 3.0 kit includes a bypass hose delete kit, replacement thermostat restriction plate, tank cap, hardware, proprietary split system aluminum coolant tank, overflow hose and detailed installation instructions. All you need to supply is manufacturer recommended coolant. This tank fits in the OEM location and uses much of the factory hardware and OEM mounting locations for an easy install. Installation with basic hand tools takes about 1.5 - 2 hours depending on skill level. If you do not feel qualified to install this item, please contact your local dealer or off road shop.

Fits all 2016+ Polaris XP Turbo. 

NOTE: Please allow proper warm up and cool down for your vehicle at every ride. This will allow for better performance and extend the life of your turbo components, clutches, belt and your engine.  


  • Increases Cooling System Capacity by 1.5 Liters
  • Lower Engine Temperatures by more than 20° on average
  • Prevents Turbo Heat Soak allowing you to Ride Harder with less worry of overheating
  • Tig Welded and Made in the USA
  • Available With Optional Dual Temp Gauge Kit
  • Raw Aluminum Only for Best Heat Dissipation

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