Method Race Wheels METHOD 406 UTV Beadlock Wheel | Matte Black
From $239.00 - $289.00
Method Race Wheels METHOD 406 UTV Beadlock Wheel | Bronze
From $239.00 - $249.00
Method Race Wheels METHOD 401 UTV Beadlock Wheel | Titanium
From $219.99 - $249.00
Method Race Wheels METHOD 401 UTV Beadlock Wheel | Matte Black
From $219.99 - $259.99
Method Race Wheels METHOD 409 UTV Bead Grip® Wheel | Steel Grey
From $149.00 - $179.00
Method Race Wheels METHOD 410 UTV Bead Grip® Wheel | Gold
From $149.00 - $179.00

UTV Wheels 

The wheels are the component of your UTV that not only is in constant contact with rolling dirt or pavement, but also provide another opportunity to show some personal flair and style. Beadlock wheels boast bead-locking rings that secure themselves by the bolt to the wheel and are instrumental in allowing a lower-pressured tire to be used during racing. In the unfortunate event that you do get a flat tire, your UTV’s tire is not physically able to be separated from the rim. Bead grip wheels also feature a distinctly rugged look that complements the outer appearance of a dune-bound vehicle quite nicely! 

Why Do People Need Replacement Wheels on Their UTV? 

Wheels such as the UTV Method Race Wheels 401 Beadlock have a very strong 1600-lb load rating, and the reinforced inner lip also is an extreme boost to the UTV's overall durability factor. Method wheels will fit and provide an awesome aftermarket finishing touch for the Polaris RZR, Wildcat, Maverick, and the Teryx or Rhino. All of us here at HCT Powersports stand  behind this brand for its high level of commitment to offering up the most comprehensive line of wheels for trucks, buggies, short courses, and UTVs. 

When it comes to precision construction methods “it's all in the heat”, and many of these premium Method beadlock wheels and wheel models see T6 heat treatment construction and precise engineering to exceed rigid SAE 2530 specifications. One of the outright coolest designs we have ever seen is the 401 model in Titanium: this 12-window look makes for a defined “ruler of the trail” appearance! With a protected Schrader valve placed between wheel spokes and an American-made Grade 8 zinc-plated Beadlock hardware kit included, these wheels are the ideal choice for anyone looking to escape a case of factory-equipped average grade yawns. 

Whether you are looking for holiday cheer for the friend or loved one on your UTV lover's list or a special treat for yourself, check out our selection at HCT Powersports now for your next perfect fit! There are many cool ways to see your UTV wheel's quality and performance step up a major notch, starting with amazing beadlock or bead grip options from Method. Graduating from stock offerings to a sleek set of beadlock wheels will set the tone for your next trip, and assure you have a front-row seat for smooth-riding excitement. Looking for more? Check out our full collection of parts so you can buy exactly what you need.



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