Towing / Air Bags

Towing and Air Bags 

As the mud flies past you and the excitement mounts during an off-road excursion, you'll want to place a high priority on reducing the likelihood of bottoming out while taking the mounting strain off of your suspension system. If you are hauling a heavy load and then quickly change to one more lightweight, replacement air bags give you the ability to adequately adjust air pressure inside the shocks. A well-equipped kit includes a UTV air compressor and the UTV airbags, as well as a pressure gauge and switch for quick access. 

Here at HCT Powersports we offer Air Control Panels, Air Compressor Combo Mounting Kits, and Light and Standard Duty Air Compressors, all standing by and ready to provide backup support for the springs while drastically improving your steering control. UTVs and trucks were thoroughly designed to have the grunt and grit to take on different types of terrain, but some excellent solutions developed over the years have made their way to the aftermarket to provide aid during constantly changing situations. The benefit to the off-roader on the hunt for rock crawling and dune-drifting excitement is that the pressure can be adjusted separately for different shocks. 

What Towing Equipment or Air Bags Do I Need for My UTV?

The compressor, deployment system, and full leveling suspension kit are all instrumental in providing your UTV with the best in on-the-spot suspension adjustments. Leveling Solutions suspension airbags are available for the Ford F150 4X4 and 2WD, the Dodge Ram 2500 and 3500 4X4s, the Ford F250/F350 4x4 and 2WD, The Toyota Tundra 4X4, Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra 1500, Pre-1996 Ford Bronco 4X4, and many more. Don't forget to check out the standalone Air Control Panel by Leveling Solutions, with single-gauge design constructed for adjustment inside your vehicle. 

Why Do People Need Replacement Airbags on Their UTV? 

When you are able to adjust the air In the shocks it also changes the ride height. The rockier and more obstacle-ridden the journey in front of you is, the more excitement it will provide, and replacement airbags provide much easier clearance. You can contact us easily here at HCT Powersports if you have any questions about vehicle fit, or require any other additional information to find the perfect UTV air compressor. If towing equipment or airbags are next on your checklist of accessories, browse through our selection today, and find the best towing and airbag fit for you! 



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