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Mac's Custom Tie-Downs saw their beginnings in 1993 when the growing popularity of trucks saw a need for tie-down systems with considerably more force than what was presently offered. After completing in-depth research and listening to the needs and experiences of trailer manufacturers, they developed their very first VersaTie Tracks and Connectors. This line of Mac's Tie Down Packs grew massively in popularity after being witnessed in action at major motorsports events, and where they are better than so many other brands is their double stitching on straps, CNC machining on all track, and how easy they are to put to use. 

Max strength UTV tie-downs are available to quickly and easily provide security for your UTV during its transport. Whether you are traveling cross-country or to spend a day hitting the trails nearby, these useful wheel nets securely lock your UTV wheels in place, while the vehicle's suspension is better-equipped to handle the rough road. Each designated “small” Mac’s UTV tie-down pack comes with UTV Wheel Net Tie Downs, Mac's Strap Wraps, and the handy storage bag to carry it all in. Their other option comes with a 5,000-lg Minimum Breaking Strength and patented easy-release ratchet handles. This Macs tie-down pack allows you to enjoy greatly-increased holding capacity as a less expensive option than a full car tie-down kit. 

Why Do I Need Mac's Tie-Down Products For my UTV?

One of the best ways to illustrate the usefulness of a UTV product is by means of a real-life application. On their blog this month, Mac's told the intense story of a family traveling on I-25 in New Mexico. They were pulling a 25-foot Flagstaff 5th-wheel camper with the very precious cargo in the form of a 2020 Can-Am Maverick X3. After fishtailing the entire trailer flipped over, and then was dragged on its side for a half-mile. The Can-Am still remained secured to the utility trailer, which was a miracle considering the brute force it withstood during the incident. 

Very obviously “Built to Protect Your Passion”, these world-class tie-downs were great at keeping the UTV safe. Although it was damaged, it was an amazing feat that it remained in place. This incident alone deemed Mac's Tie-Downs another fine example of the unparalleled quality and reputation we look for in all the vendors we provide for UTV enthusiasts here at HCT Powersports. Check out our full selection of products! Making sure you have proper tie-downs such as these from Mac's is going to offer you a longstanding sense of security, and assure that your rig on the way to properly rally will remain in place! 



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