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Steering Wheel Kit 

During an intense off-road driving session, you probably are cruising on the mellower side of things if some elements of your vehicle are NOT experiencing a case of the shakes. The terrain that lies in front of you to be conquered can wreak havoc on a frame and suspension, so you need a Quick Release steering wheel kit that works for you. Does all of that aggression in the form of kinetic energy affect your steering? It does, and a proper steering wheel removal kit can assist with the task of safely removing the wheel from the taper on the column. 

The qualities of steering wheel design require the solid installation of the wheel with a tapered spline to wedge the steering wheel firmly onto the steering column. Here at HCT Powersports, we provide instrumental product sets such as the Steering Wheel Removal Tool or Steering Wheel Hub by Assault Industries, which works with Yamaha and Polaris UTVs. With a durable steel construction and an easy-to-use format, it’s clear to see why Assault Industries products are some of the most common and necessary UTV upgrades you'll need. We offer two models that are universal and work with all brands while offering solid craftsmanship and enduring quality. 

Why Do People Need Adjusted Steering Wheels on Their UTV?

When a model arrives directly from the dealer alignment is frequently off, and while usually a quick visual spot check can look at the steering column mounting block, an aftermarket steering wheel has far superior rigidity and much more strength at its disposal. This is one of the standard tweaks that will gradually allow your vehicle to feel as if it's entirely your own, and make for precise handling in a pinch. 

What Steering Wheel Parts Do I Need For My UTV?

Here on the HCT Powersports website, we offer the Assault Industries Tomahawk V2 Steering Wheel as a replacement, as well as the Assault Industries 350R Suede Steering wheel for universal use. The Assault Industries Steering Wheel Hub comes made of aerospace-grade aluminum and is compatible with any 6-hole steering wheel. We also carry the Assault Industries Wheel Removal Tool, with the tapered spline needed to muscle the steering wheel properly onto the steering column. 

It works with Yamaha and Polaris UTVs and will enable you to enjoy every single off-road journey with the confidence of precision and firm steering after installation. A perfect first project for the process of customizing your new UTV, products such as the Polaris RZR Quick Release Steering Wheel Kit and more are prime picks for you here at HCT Powersports. Browse our store to find the perfect products for your ride. Our #1 designs offer Industry-Leading quality and precision for your favorite hobby, rendering you fully-equipped where it counts most! 



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