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Just as many other UTV parts enthusiasts' journeys eventually forged their way to business ownership, Sandcraft Motorsports was founded by two dedicated off-road fans on the hunt for a more rewarding riding experience. After witnessing various OEMs and stock parts not having the ability to pull their weight, they first patented the Sandcraft Carrier Bearing. They then took what they learned from developing the world's first UTV driveline angle-correcting solution and went to work solving the problems of eager Baja runners and rock crawlers worldwide. 

They now can proudly lay the claim to five US Patents for various game-changing UTV offerings. Manufacturing their goods in Phoenix, Arizona, they continue to satisfy the ranks of sand safari and off-road enthusiasts in a product segment still littered with inexpensive parts and careless quality control. Their ingenious Sandcraft Limit Strap Kit zooms in on the off-road event of full droop, and hurriedly protects your axles and suspension components. When you are embarking on a trip in a hazard-prone area, cushioning from over-extension protects your vitals when it's “go time”. 

Why Do I Need Sandcraft Motorsports Products For my UTV?

Seeing a rating that puts to sleep in a hurry what you get out of stock parts regarding value, sheer capability is one great reason that the Sandcraft Driveshafts belongs in your UTV pronto. The U-Joints are also much larger and will withstand repeat offenses of wear and tear. When a stock-grade driveshaft fails you completely, it can leave you completely deadlocked. The rock and mud, field, and trail settings are definitely not where you will want to see a marooning take place, even with top-of-the-line GPS equipment!

Sandcraft Motorsports builds carrier bearings, driveshafts, and more for Arctic Cat, Polaris, Can Am, Textron, and Yamaha. Here at HCT Powersports we give props to manufacturers like this who build other amazingly-defined dune climbing products such as their various Motor Mount Combos: The Kevlar infused bushings in place are professional-grade rated to absorb the motor's taxing load. 

Terrific looking apparel to wear on the trail, belts, bushings and sleeves, sway bar kits, spring retainers, and front differentials are more of the add-ons from Sandcraft poised and ready to help conquer your next adventurous ascent. HCT Powersports is your premier online location for durable and easy-to-install parts like these, with a history of grade A satisfaction and sharing your love of difficult-to-dominate new destinations. Browse our full collection of parts to find everything you need.



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