Power Control System for your UTV

While a power control system (PCS) is a standard feature in regular cars these days, that is not the case for UTVs. There's certainly a growing number of vehicles that are fitted with a Power Steering capacity out of the box, but there are still many others that don't. The great advantage of having a power control system is that it allows you to ride longer without getting tired. If you're someone who often rides in technical terrains and conditions at low speed, you'll really benefit from letting a power control system do some of the work.

But there's more—even if you venture across terrain that comes with a range of steering difficulty, you won't even feel those shifts, as that is when the XTC power control system kicks in. Additionally, power control systems decrease feedback through the steering wheel. All of these advantages blend together and improve the overall riding experience.

What Power Control Systems Do I Need for My UTV?

If you need power control systems for your vehicle, we've got you covered. Browse the full collection offered by HCT Powersports above and buy the perfect power control system for your specific model.

We offer XTC Power Control Systems and DIY PCS Wiring Harnesses here. These are the ultimate kit if you're looking to save money, time, and wiring frustrations as this provides you with a user-friendly installation process. The kits come with six switches, a fuse block, a power breaker, four relays, and a power cable with a 50 amp circuit breaker.

The system is further outfitted with relayed circuits that have Diode protection, thereby reducing voltage spikes that occur from a field collapse. The quality fit and finish, ease of installation, and top shelf performance of power control systems are what sets HCT Powersports apart from the competition. We provide intensive craftsmanship, meticulous precision, and bold aesthetics. Make HCT Powersports your #1 Choice.

DIY PCS Wiring Harness

Look no further if you're trying to improve your UTV performance and your own endurance while riding. A power control system bears some of the burdens and allows you to ride for longer stretches and explore more wild terrain, sand dunes, or wild desert. No matter the challenges, you won't have to crank at your steering wheel and tire out. HCT Powersports offers amazing parts with durable quality for your UTV. Don't hesitate, and buy your DIY XTC Power Control System today!



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