Aftermarket Performance Parts for the Polaris ACE UTV at HCT Powersports

Polaris has been a favorite among outdoor enthusiasts for decades.  From the iconic snowmobiles that took winter motorsports by storm and quickly buried the competition, Polaris has continued to evolve into what we know of them today.  Now, Polaris dominates the off-highway vehicle market with side-by-sides and other small OHVs from four-seat vehicles to the Polaris ACE. Viewed by some as unconventional, the Polaris ACE takes us back to the days when three-wheelers and four-wheelers were the way to cruise trails and ride the dunes alone; one rider, one vehicle, and many paths to explore.  The ACE gives riders more of a solo experience while reducing weight and allowing for a small frame to get riders into places standard side-by-sides couldn't manage.  The ACE is built to dominate trails and terrain, but also to give its rider a safe ride and panoramic view of their surroundings.

Different types of Polaris ACE products 

HCT has all sorts of upgrades, modifications, and accessories to take your Polaris ACE to the next level, whether it is for trail running, hunting, or endurance racing. Our vendors include SandCraft RCR, Sector Seven, HCR Racing, Mac's Tie Downs, Voodoo Offroad, and many others! Here are just a few of the parts and kits we have available!

  • ECU tuning: Get the most out of your motor with a programmable Electronic Control Unit.  This system allows you to control the mixture, timing, and ignition of your motor to get more horsepower, fuel efficiency, and performance.
  • Air filter: Clean, cool air makes for more horsepower and a longer-lasting motor.  Upgrade to keep the rocks, twigs, and dust of the trail out of your motor and on the outside where it belongs.
  • Tie-down packs: When transporting your Polaris ACE, you need the best support to keep your OHV secure on the highway as well as the ride up to the trail.
  • Recovery rope: Great for getting you out of a jam, recovery ropes are vital and probably used more often.  Usually in direct proportion to how much fun you are having on the trail.
  • Tires and wheels: Stockers just don't compare to custom wheels and tires.  Check out our selection and match them to the type of terrain you will be riding!
  • Much, much more!: From lightbars and heavy-duty U-Joints and all stops in-between, you are going to need to upgrade and replace parts when you ride the trails.  We offer a wide selection of parts and kits to keep your vehicle on the trails.

The HCT Powersports Difference

When it comes to providing the best equipment for your Polaris ACE, we know our stuff.  With a wide selection of brand names to choose from, as well as years of experience when it comes to knowing what works the best for our customers, HCT is dedicated to giving you the best-curated parts and accessories for your OHV.  Contact us to see what we have before your next trip!




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