Aftermarket Upgrades and Replacement parts for Polaris UTV's

For decades, Polaris has been dominating motorsports with its snowmobiles, watercraft, and off-highway vehicles.  The Polaris brand is synonymous with performance, reliability, and just plain fun.  For over 65 years, Polaris has taken its riders over highways, lakes, and unbeaten paths and has inspired entire generations of outdoor enthusiasts to ride with the best.  HCT Powersports is right there with you in providing quality aftermarket parts, accessories, and kits to keep your Polaris on the trails, dominating the competition. 

HCT Powersports carries the big brand names and curates its parts to ensure only the best aftermarket upgrades for our customers.  We offer parts and accessories from SandCraft RCR, Sector Seven, Assault Industries, HCR Racing, Daystar, Mac's Tie Downs, and many others.  Here are just a few of the upgrades we carry in our extensive catalog!

  • Tie rods: One of the weakest points in your steering system, and also one of the most important, depending on the trail conditions and how hard you are riding, it is usually more a question of when you need to replace a tie rod, rather than "if."  Upgrade your tie-rod now to eliminate the frustration of being miles from nowhere with a bent or broken tie rod.
  • Suspension kits: Whether you want to improve the comfort of your ride, or enhance the aggressiveness of your suspension on rocks and rough terrain, stock systems don't compare when it comes to aftermarket replacements.  Get your rig ready for the next trip today and it will handle just about any obstacle the trail can throw at you.
  • Clearance rods: Improve clearance with this upgrade.  Not only for performance but also to give your vehicle a more aggressive stance.  
  • Grills: Sticks and stones also break your grill and body components, which is why you need grill replacements and upgrades to keep your OHV looking (and performing) its best.
  • Many more!: From roll cages to beefier U-Joints and drive shafts, HCT Powersports carries what you are looking for to take your rig to the next level. Wheels and tires, tie-down packs, lightbars, and ECUs are just some of many accessories you won't want to live without.

The HCT Powersports difference

HCT Powersports offers only the best quality products for your off-roading experience.  We've been riding the trails right with you for years and wouldn't put anything in our catalog we wouldn't put on our rigs ourselves.  Our customers are a rare breed, which is why we go the extra mile so you can keep your vehicle on the trails, dunes, woods, the hunt, or cruising off to a day on the ranch.  Contact us before your next trip or build a project and see what we have to offer!


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