Method Race Wheels 

This awesome and always amped-up for off-road action supplier designs, develops, and distributes wheels and accessories with high-performance specs for off-road and high-speed racing duties. What inspired them to start their business was the task of looking beyond conventional means of doing and building things, and the fascinating process behind large amounts of data collection to achieve perfection. Whether it is an off-road truck, rally mode, UTV, Jeep, or SUV, they pride themselves on providing products utilizing impeccable service and dedication. 

Method Race Wheels offers a myriad of beadlock colors, from traditional black to the more unique Method Race Wheels bronze coloring. Beadlock wheels are specifically designated for off-road locations that rate “all-the-way-aggro” on the challenge factor. Method UTV beadlocks undergo an extensive heat treatment process, allowing them to leap across the finish line with the utmost in durability and highest level strength in existence. These bad boys taking up the product line mean business: one of their fine and finish-line ready wares is the 105 Beadlocked Machined, sporting their iconic 12 window design and a reinforced inner lip for the much-needed extra muscle on the trail. 

Why do I Need Method Race Wheels For my UTV?

The word “solid” seems to carry a lot of weight when it comes to UTV adventures and ultimate Baja challenges. In the instance of the Method Race Wheels 304 Double Standard, it stands as  one very integral piece of the Street Series lineup and boasts a 2100 to 3600-lb rating. Simulating a true Method Race Wheel bead grip, the choices of finish type are machined, matte back, or a machined lip. Another well-earned reason to choose these for your UTV? They come with a lifetime structural warranty, meaning in short that they're gonna be guaranteed for the entire time they circle around the sun! 

This brand outfits UTVs, trucks, and SUVs. Can Am, Land Rover, Jeep, Kawasaki, Polaris, Ram, Textron, Toyota, and Yamaha are some of the predominant brands they outfit of interest to a serious off-roader. As far as it goes for the absolute ultimate in off-road UTV tire wishlist material, look no further than the set of 401 Beadlock – Titanium Tensor DS 32's. These are for the 100% dedicated breed of off-road enthusiasts that everyone here at HCT Powersports can relate with. Blazing across the sand sporting a 1600-lb load rating, they are specifically designed for the demands faced by those embarking on a UTV racing adventure. HCT Powersports is your ultimate resource for everything you need to soar over slick rock and more, and a one-stop destination to find A-list manufacturers. Browse our full collection of parts today.



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