Limiting Straps

Limiting Straps

If you are hitting wild and uneven terrain in your UTV regularly, then you know that maintaining a foolproof suspension system is critical to achieving peak performance every single time. Without a thought-out suspension installation, all it takes is a maneuver that pushes the limits of your vehicle, leaving you with suspension damage that’ll cost some money to repair. 

At HCT Powersports, we understand the thrill of launching off jumps, bouncing, and jumping across uneven terrain. However, the fun is quickly over if you have not outfitted your vehicle with the proper suspension limit straps. Without them, you are putting your UTV under an extraordinary shock load.

How do these straps prevent that? As is in their name, limiting straps “limit” the overextension of your vehicle

The compatibility of axle limiting straps is universal, though they do come in various lengths. It certainly makes choosing easier, as it is not dependent on the make and model of your UTV. Adjustable limit straps are certainly cost-effective as well, as they prolong your UTV’s suspension life. They do need to be replaced, on average, every 5 years.

What Limiting Straps Do I Need for My UTV?

If you need axle limiting straps for your vehicle, we've got you covered. Browse the full collection offered here and buy the ideal length for your specific model. You can be sure that your purchase will protect your UTV from shocks that occur from overextension. This allows you to hit those angles and still get full extension and maximum horsepower and performance.

The quality fit and finish, ease of installation, and top shelf performance of our products is what sets HCT Powersports apart from the competition. We provide intensive craftsmanship, meticulous precision, and bold aesthetics. Make HCT Powersports your #1 Choice.

Axle Limiting Straps

HCT Powersports offers amazing parts with durable quality for your UTV. You don’t want to forgo the added and affordable insurance that limiting straps provide. If you like to explore and up your adventure with each ride, then it’s advised to buy and upgrade your vehicle with suspension limit straps as soon as possible.

Without them, you risk more substantial damage that could require costly repairs. Moreover, sudden damage to your UTV can brutally interrupt you in the middle of a great ride. Stay a few steps ahead of the game and buy your adjustable limit straps from HCT Powersports today!



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