Intercoolers for Sale

Having a robust intercooler is essential for riders who often venture into snowy conditions—but it's important for any UTV. In order to help your UTV absorb the impact of the heavy load and heat, intercoolers make sure that cool compressed air is entering your engine.

When you compress air, it heats up quite quickly, and while a factory intercooler can handle it temporarily, they are prone to heat soak—which can cause damage, especially if your UTV has a turbocharger, which has exhaust gases that pass through. When hot compressed air causes extreme temperatures, it can cause detonation.

That's where intercoolers come in and fix the issue. Every UTV needs cooler air entering the engine for max performance, which is why HCT Powersports offers a selection of high quality, durable, and efficient intercoolers.

What Intercooler Do I Need for My UTV?

The intercooler that is ideal for your UTV depends on the model and specifications of your vehicle. However, what you need from your intercooler is reliable temperature control to prevent detonation.

HCT Powersports does have an intercooler for sale, compatible with your Can-Am X3 DS and RS, as well as the 120HP Turbo with factory Can-Am turbo hoses. HCT Powersports also gives you an aesthetic choice between silver and black. With a mounted large fan on the bottom, this intercooler helps draw air through without robbing you of significant horsepower.

Our collection further includes Can-Am X3 Turbo Hoses for intercooler upgrades, Can-Am X3 Intercooler upgraded fan, and a Can-Am X3 Intercooler Race Duct Shroud Cover.

The quality fit and finish, ease of installation, and top-shelf performance of our products are what sets HCT Powersports apart from the competition. We provide intensive craftsmanship, meticulous precision, and bold aesthetics. Make HCT Powersports your #1 Choice.

Racing Intercooler for Sale

Taking care of your UTV includes being mindful of the physics of air compression. Given the guaranteed likelihood of extreme heat generation, implementing a racing intercooler that can handle the horsepower you're demanding from it will go a long way. Given our passion for only offering the best of the best, it's safe to say that an intercooler purchased from HCT Powersports guarantees better UTV performance.

HCT Powersports offers amazing parts with durable quality for your UTV, and we have intercooler solutions of the highest caliber. If you've been looking for a superior intercooler, look no further. Browse our products and buy your upgrade today. 



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