UTV Aftermarket Air Intake Systems

The performance of your UTV is very important—especially if you enjoy mud or sand riding, which places a high load on your vehicle's engine. Before you head for your favorite mountains and trails, ensuring that your engine is ready to perform to its peak capacity is essential to have the experience you want. How can you increase your UTV's torque and horsepower? By outfitting your vehicle with an aftermarket air intake system. These make it a little easier for your engine, and at HCT Powersports, we have exactly what you need.

A cold air intake upgrade is of order if you're trying to amplify your UTV's horsepower, durability, fuel efficiency, or if you're trying to increase the engine's noise. That's right; this versatile addition improves your UTV in multiple ways.

HCT Powersports offers various forced air intake kits that will amplify the performance of your UTV. Find the ideal cold air intake kit for your Textron, Polaris RZR Turbo, or Maverick X3 Turbo in our full intake collection.

What Intake Do I Need for My UTV?

If you need a cold air intake upgrade for your vehicle, we've got you covered. The specific intake kit that's best for your UTV depends on the model you have. Browse the full collection offered here and buy the perfect air intake kit for your particular vehicle model.

Our products are known for how easy they are to install, their durability and consistent quality, fit, and finish. That's why we stand out from our competitors, and why we've earned a trusted reputation and a loyal clientele—they know that HCT Powersports always has what they need in stock.

It's our shared dedication to craftsmanship, bold aesthetics, and meticulous precision that makes us the number one choice for your UTV aftermarket air intakes. But we are also here to help.

If you have any questions before your purchase, the HCT Powersports team can assist you in determining the best product for your ride.

Forced Air Intake Kit

Are you looking for a way to improve your UTV experience drastically? Cold air intake systems can do just that. You're proud of your vehicle, and why wouldn't you do everything in your power to maintain the value of your investment? HCT Powersports offers excellent parts with durable quality for your UTV.

Ready to take your torque and horsepower to the next level? Browse our products and make your purchase with HCT Powersports today! 



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