UTV Headlight Kits

Here at HCT Powersports, we understand the thrill of UTVs. The adventures that can be had are infinite, as these vehicles are built for rough and wild terrain. That doesn't mean that there isn't anything you can do to help out your UTV perform at its peak every single time you get out there.

One aspect of a UTV that can make a big difference is installing the right headlights. Indeed, nearly all UTVs and ATVs these days are sold with standard low and high beam lighting installed. However, stock headlights typically leave a lot to be desired.

Without proper lighting, riding your UTV quickly can become very dangerous. But with the right headlights, you will avoid preventable situations that can turn into emergencies. You don't have to fret when dawn comes quicker than you anticipated by installing additional LED headlights. Better yet, it's an energy-efficient upgrade that'll improve the overall performance of your UTV.

HCT Powersports offers a variety of plug and play LED headlights for the Polaris RZR XP1000, Polaris RZR 900, Polaris RZR 800, and more.

What Headlight Kit do I need for my UTV?

The headlight kit that's right for you depends on your vehicle and what you want out of your headlight performance. All of our kits are very easy to install, allowing you to get on your ride within 30 minutes. If you are making your switch from stock lights to LED lights, we have LED headlight conversion kits to make that switch easy and smooth.

HTC Powersports prides itself on consistently providing the best selection of the highest caliber UTV parts. We know how much your vehicle means to you, and the financial investment you've made. That's why we only offer the top of the line so that you can rest assured your UTV is optimized for longevity, durability and can gracefully handle the duress of rocky, sandy, muddy, and uneven terrain.

LED Headlight Conversion

Ready for more visibility and efficiency? Browse our entire selection of headlight kits to find your perfect fit. HCT Powersports is committed to precision, bold aesthetics, and intensive craftsmanship—that's why we stand out from the crowd.

HCT Powersports has what you need to enjoy your UTV rides regardless of the hour on the clock. Buy a headlight kit from HCT Powersports today or ask our team any question you might have about a product before purchasing it.




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