FourWerx Products

If it has anything to do with lightweight technology and components, the resident experts at FourWerx have been excelling and creating marvelous things since 2007! Brandishing a skilled assembly of the FourWerx carbon fiber products, we are proud to offer their products here at HCT Powersports. The thrill of racing is one that every participant experiences as you prepare to hit the track and get on the throttle, and the many seasoned daredevils of the racing world helped to thoroughly test the Fourwerx line. 

Why Do I Need FourWerx Products for My UTV?

If you are on the hunt for accessories for a model such as the Can Am Maverick X3, Fourwerx has got all your bases covered with groundbreaking goods such as the Can Am Maverick X3 Carbon Fiber Front Fascia, with aluminum mesh vents and working with OEM or aftermarket center grill. Add-ons such as the FourWerx dash panel covers enhance the look for anyone who wants to customize their vehicle, and its amazingly lightweight properties don't drag you down during the most exciting of moments! 

Sand, mud, trails, and rocks are where the world's roughest features are all part of the fun, and those very qualities are what turned many on to UTV ownership in the first place! Anyone can lay the claim to braving off-road difficulties once or twice, but week after heart-pumping week will require a vehicle built for the job and parts for said vehicle to boast a sense of individuality and allow the rare breed in you to shine. You can brave the wild for a little while without adding to a factory setup, but once you get a taste of a trend-setting and unique brand such as Fourwerx's goods, you're gonna definitely want to make repeat purchases! 

FourWerx bumper covers, age trim sets, exhaust surrounds, engine hatch covers, and center console pieces with cup holders are more of the offerings from this personal favorite of ours. Every vendor with an expert flair for UTV materials and upgrades has their own particular flair and flavor, and Fourwerx has a nearly aerodynamic stealth sense of cutting-edge character. With a variety of vendors all 100% committed to their usefulness and longstanding reputations, HCT Powersports is your premium web portal for UTV accessories and enhancements. Browse our extensive list of UTV products and amazing vendors such as Fourwerx here and continue to fuel your exciting hobby today!



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