Fire Extinguishers

If you are a frequent UTV rider, you know the importance of having reliable, high-quality equipment to prepare for any situation. UTVs don't come without risks, and when you are simply riding and enjoying yourself, it's easy to lose sight of the potential danger lurking in the smallest of incidents. That's precisely what we tackle at HCT Powersports. We know what your vehicle needs to prepare ahead of time. 

When you encounter rough and rocky trails, having a fire extinguisher reliably mounted to your UTV allows you to respond to any kind of fire at any time. It's a way to protect your investment and reduce the risk of fires doing more damage if they occur. Fire extinguisher kits and mounts take the uncertainty out of driving your UTV by giving you peace of mind knowing that you've taken care of your personal safety and are doing what you can to protect your vehicle. 

At HTC Powersports, we offer two UTV fire extinguisher kits. Our Quick Release Fire Extinguisher Mount is compatible with most windows and doors and fits roll bars with a 1.25"-2" diameter. The Assault Quick Release UTV Fire Extinguisher Kit fits any 1.75" diameter roll bar. Not sure which one is right for you? We can help you figure that out. 

What Fire Extinguisher Do I Need for My UTV?

If you need a UTV fire extinguisher kit for your vehicle or an ATV fire extinguisher, we've got you covered. HCT Powersports offers a collection of products, which you can browse here in order to buy the perfect exhaust for your specific model.

Each of our models is easy to install and of the highest quality fit and finish. And when you're looking for top-shelf performance, it's never more important than when it comes to your own safety and that of your vehicle. 

Take the necessary measurements of your ATV or UTV and compare those to our product specifications; that way, you'll be sure you've found the ideal fire extinguisher kit or mount for your vehicle.

UTV Fire Extinguisher Kit

HCT Powersports is committed to meticulous craftsmanship and precision, as well as bold aesthetics. We offer durable quality and carefully selected parts for your UTV because we know first-hand what they need. Make HCT Powersports your #1 Choice today and secure your investment with one of our fire extinguisher kits or mounts.  



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