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ATV exhaust and UTV exhaust systems help expel the gases created from internal combustion engines, and also muffle the sound of your engine. Additional components like catalytic converters also help remove toxic gases and emissions from the engine.

A UTV exhaust system is essential for the operation of your vehicle, but if your UTV still has a stock exhaust, you may be able to upgrade the exhaust to get more power. High-flow exhausts from HCT Powersports can help you get a boost of up to 10% more horsepower, in some cases.

Performance racing exhausts use proprietary designs to enhance airflow and the flow of exhaust gases, as well as larger diameter pipes that help improve overall flow and boost the power of your engine. These less restrictive exhausts are highly effective at improving engine power production.

And at HCT Powersports, we have a variety of aftermarket performance exhausts for UTVs and ATVs from many different manufacturers. A few models we sell kits for include:

What Exhaust System Do I Need for My UTV?

Each UTV and ATV has a different stock exhaust system, so there’s no “one-size-fits-all” upgrade. If you need to upgrade your ATV exhaust or UTV exhaust, we recommend browsing the full collection of items offered on this page. Within the product details, you can learn more about the performance benefits and see if it will fit your UTV/ATV.

In addition, HCT Powersports offers engine control unit (ECU) tuning services. Tuning your ECU to accommodate your new performance exhaust can unlock even more power and performance for your ATV or UTV, so we recommend exploring your options for ECU tuning if you want to get the most out of your vehicle.

Shop Now To Get A High-Performance UTV Exhaust System

Not only does a new UTV exhaust system boost the performance of your UTV, but it will sound amazing, too. You’ll have a blast ripping through the trails in your newly-modified vehicle.

So don’t wait. Shop online at HCT Powersports to get the performance mods you need for your UTV, and remember to contact us if you have any questions about modifying and upgrading your off-road vehicles. Our team of off-road enthusiasts and experts is always here to help you.



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