The driveshaft forms the core of your UTV’s drivetrain, and is responsible for sending power from the engine and transmission into your rear differential, where it’s sent to your rear wheels. And while UTV driveshafts are quite durable, they can become worn out over time, or even damaged by impacts with debris like rocks, logs, and more while off-roading.

That’s where reinforced UTV replacement driveshafts from HCT Powersports come in. Whether you have an older UTV and the driveshaft has been worn down over time due to normal wear & tear, or you’ve hit some debris with your UTV and your driveshaft has cracked or become damaged, we can help.

We sell UTV replacement driveshafts with carrier bearings. Our products are designed to offer unparalleled performance and durability, and have been built with off-roading in mind. With high-quality driveshafts with carrier bearings from Sandcraft RCR and HCT Powersports, you can replace the drive shaft for UTV models including:

What Driveshafts Do I Need For My UTV?

When it comes to UTV replacement driveshafts, HCT Powersports has you covered with a wide variety of high-quality driveshafts with carrier bearings. We recommend clicking the individual driveshafts on this page to learn more about compatible UTVs, and ensure you purchase the right product.

We provide carrier bearings with most of our UTV replacement driveshafts, as well. Carrier bearings are essential for anchoring the driveshaft to the chassis of your vehicle, and worn-out or damaged carrier bearings can lead to driveshaft failure and damage, as well as poor overall performance from your UTV. It’s a good idea to replace these bearings whenever replacing a UTV driveshaft.

At HCT Powersports, we offer only the most high-quality products from top manufacturers, ensuring you get the UTV parts and components you need for excellent off-road performance.

Shop Our UTV Replacement Driveshafts Today

If you need driveshafts with carrier bearings for Polaris UTVs or other UTVs, HCT Powersports is here to help. Browse our large selection of replacement driveshafts with carrier bearings now to find the product that’s right for your vehicle, and enjoy fast shipping, great prices, and our award-winning customer service. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our products or need more information – the team at HCT Powersports is always ready to get you the answers you need.



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