UTVs go through a lot of abuse when blasting through mud, dirt, and challenging trail conditions, and its differential bearings are essential for delivering power to the wheels, and allowing them to function optimally over rough terrain. Differential bearings are designed to allow your rear axles to rotate smoothly while they’re being powered by your driveshaft.

Over time, though, the bearings can wear out. You’ll likely hear grinding noises from your UTV’s undercarriage, or humming noises when turning the steering wheel. It’s important to replace a failing differential bearing with a UTV differential bearings upgrade kit ASAP – leaving the bearings in place could cause damage to the rest of your drivetrain.

At HCT Powersports, we have a selection of durable, high-quality upgrade differential bearings that are built for off-roading, and offer reliable performance. We carry bearings kits for many different models of UTV, including:

What Differential Bearings Do I Need For My UTV?

Each UTV is different, and most vehicles use custom-built bearings, so UTV differential bearing upgrade kits are not universal. You can click on each kit on this page to learn more about the models of UTV that the kit is compatible with, and ensure you get the right product for your UTV.

Every product sold by HCT Powersports meets strict criteria for quality and durability. As off-roading and UTV enthusiasts ourselves, we carry UTV differential bearings that will hold up to challenging trail conditions – while still remaining easy to install on your own, with comprehensive instructions included in each product.

You can trust us to supply you with the differential bearings you need for your vehicle. Don’t delay. A failed differential bearing can ruin other expensive mechanical components of your vehicle, so upgrading and replacing a failing bearing immediately is always the best choice.

Shop Online With HCT Powersports To Get The Replacement UTV Parts You Need

With high-quality parts, industry-leading prices, and excellent customer service, you can always get the UTV parts you need for your vehicle at HCT Powersports. If you have any questions about our products, feel free to contact us online for expert guidance from our team of off-roading enthusiasts.

Shop our selection of UTV differential bearing upgrade kits now, and make sure that you get everything you need to upgrade your vehicle, protect your drivetrain and differential, and enjoy blasting through the trails.



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