CV Axle Upgrades

A CV (Constant-Velocity) axle is important for driving power to the wheels of your vehicle from the transmission, powering your UTV, and allowing it to achieve peak performance while blazing through off-road trails.

Stock CV axles can become worn out over time, though, particularly if the protective rubber boot tears away from the joint and grit, dust, and debris are able to enter the joint. This results in clicking or knocking sounds when turning, vibrations while driving, or visible grease on the edge of your tires.

Need to replace your CV axle? With a CV axle upgrade from HCT Powersports, you can get a reinforced, long-lasting CV axle that will hold up better to the shocks of off-roading, and provide you with incredible performance on the trail. We carry UTV axle upgrade kits for a wide variety of UTV models including:

What Axle Upgrades Do I Need For My UTV?

Whether you just need a pair of front or rear UTV axle upgrades, or you want a set of 4 CV axle upgrades to completely rebuild the front and back of your vehicle, we’ve got what you need. Shop our full collection of products here – and click each one to learn more about which axle upgrade is right for your specific UTV model.

All of our HCT Powersports axle upgrades are built to the highest possible quality standards, and come with instructions for easy installation. With a set of new CV axles from HCT Powersports, you’ll be able to push your UTV past its limits next time you go off-roading, so shop now for the upgraded parts you need.

Shop Today At HCT Powersports – Upgrade Your UTV With Reinforced CV Axles!

Whether you have a failed CV axle that needs replacement, you suspect your CV axle may be damaged and failing, or you’re just looking to keep your UTV in great condition and avoid problems on your next trip, a reinforced CV axle upgrade kit from HCT Powersports is just what you need.

Ready to shop? Take a look at all of the products on this page to make sure you get the upgrade kit you need. Got questions or need assistance? Contact us online and our customer service team will get in touch right away to take care of your issue!

Looking for something other than CV axles? Browse the rest of our online store to find the perfect part to get your UTV back up and running.



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