Carrier bearings are an important part of the drive shaft. This component functions as both a mount and a bearing. It holds the drive shaft in place on the chassis of your UTV. Thanks to the carrier, driveshafts can rotate smoothly and deliver power to the rear wheels without moving – it prevents vibrations from the driveshaft from shaking the UTV, and ensures consistent power gets to the wheels.

However, carrier bearings can wear out over time, and if you do not replace them in time, you may need a carrier bearing with replacement driveshaft, since a worn-out carrier bearing can cause the driveshaft to become damaged.

If your carrier bearings are damaged on your UTV, you may notice more vibrations on the vehicle when you apply torque and accelerate, or you may feel it wobbling or moving under acceleration.

Need replacement carrier bearings? We’ve got you covered at HCT Powersports, with high-quality off-road UTV carrier bearings and driveshafts from top manufacturers like Sandcraft. We sell carrier driveshafts and bearings for a number of top vehicles including:

What Carrier Bearings Do I Need for My UTV?

Whether you just need a carrier bearing, a carrier driveshaft, or a full kit of carrier bearings with replacement driveshaft, HCT Powersports has you covered with our wide selection of products. You can browse our full collection of carrier bearings and driveshaft parts on this page and buy the perfect product for your needs.

Thanks to our products from Sandcraft RCR and other leading manufacturers, you’ll be able to invest in carrier bearings and drive shaft components that are up to 3x more durable than stock parts, and resist mud, dirt, and debris. Most of our products are also fully greasable, too, which provides a longer lifespan and better overall performance. 

Shop UTV Carrier Bearings & Replacement Driveshafts Now!

If your UTV’s carrier bearings or drive shaft are failing, you need to get a replacement right away – nothing ruins a day on the trail quite like a broken drivetrain. When you replace your carrier bearings and driveshaft, you’ll benefit from better control, as well as peace of mind when taking your UTV on tough terrain.

So shop replacements for Can-Am and Polaris UTVs at HCT Powersports today, and make sure your vehicle is ready for your next off-road adventure.



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