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Daystar Daystar Cam Can KU72005BK

Carrying your gear with you can be tough if you have a smaller side-by-side UTV or ATV. And that’s where Cam Can trail boxes and jerry cans come in! At HCT Powersports, we have a wide selection of Cam Can products that will fit UTVs from any manufacturer, including Polaris, Yamaha, Can-Am and more.

Cam Cans are tough, durable storage containers that can be mounted on almost any flat surface on your UTV. Some models are also able to mount on the rear of your spare tire, and a kit is available to attach a Cam Can to a rollbar. No matter what type of UTV you have, you’re sure to be able to find the right mounting point.

No matter what you need to bring with you on the trail, Cam Cans let you carry more gear and prepare for longer expeditions. Using your Cam Can products, you can store:

  •     Camping gear
  •     Gasoline
  •     Water
  •     Food and first aid kits
  •     Tools and spare parts

What Cam Cans Are Right For My UTV?

Cam Cans products from HCT Powersports are universal. You can mount Cam Can trail boxes or liquid containers on any UTV with a flat surface, spare tire, or roll bar. With some simple tools and instructions, you can mount your Cam Can to get the storage space you need.

There are two primary types of Cam Cans products – Cam Can trail boxes, and Cam Can fluid containers. Cam Can trail boxes feature a lockable, clamshell design with a 2-gallon storage capacity. These are ideal for tow ropes, tools, or even food and other supplies on your expedition, and Cam Cans high-quality retainer kits and locking design ensures they won’t loosen or fall off your UTV. 

Cam Can fluid containers also have a 2-gallon storage capacity, and are molded to hold up to 2 gallons of liquid. You can transport extra gas, oil, or even water. These Cam Cans products, which come complete with a pour spout, offer you more utility and flexibility when planning your next off-roading adventure.

 Shop Our Selection Of High-Quality Cam Cans – Store Fluids, Gear & More

Short on storage space with your UTV? You don’t have to buy a bigger model just to carry a few more essential supplies. HCT Motorsports Cam Cans products are a simple way to transport essential tools, fluids, and off-roading gear without major vehicle modifications.

Ready to shop? Get started today. We have a full lineup of Cam Can trail boxes and fluid storage containers for UTVs and ATVs from all top manufacturers – browse our selection now and get everything you need. 

If you’re looking for something other than Cam Can, HCT Powersports has you covered. Anything you need for your UTV, we’ve got you covered. Our full collection of parts will help get you on the road in no time!



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