Buggy Whip Inc Products

There are numerous manufacturers out there that have the upgraded look and luster of the “standard UTV extra” down pat, but not every company out there has a vested interest in your safety as a rider. Buggy Whip has long been committed to manufacturing the highest quality safety antennas out there, precision-designed to handle speeds over 150 mph. Available right here at HCT Powersports in 8 awesome colors, the patented Buggy Whip LED light emits a valuable brightness level for the racer of up to 8800 Lumens. 

The BuggyWhip LED Whips products are the best on the market. Each LED lighted whip features excellent durability for off-road amd industrial use, and the brightest color for highest visibility, safety, and function. BuggyWhip LED Whips use the best and brightest LEDs available. Buggy Whips superior design meets industrial strength standards and designed to withstand the challenges of your unique climate conditions

BuggyWhip is an industry leader in LED light whips, safety antenna and sand dune flags for your off-road UTVs, ATVs, RZRs, JEEP, trucks, industrial equipment and more. Our LED Whips are designed and built to outlast & outshine anyone. Buggy Whips is committed to providing the brightest and most durable LED lighting. Powered by decades of experience in mining safety and off-road LED lighting, they are passionate about what they do, and obsessed about the quality of their products.

Why Do I Need Buggy Whip Products for my UTV?

Off-road desert racing is an exhilarating and very unique sport, constantly challenging vehicle and skill ability. However, many injuries that take place because of dangerous low-lying dust. The practical solution in the form of a Buggy Whip LED light, can provide an immediate tracer location for rescue vehicles on the way to give you vital emergency attention. Buggy Whip LED flag products are available in standard heights of 2 ft, 4 ft, 6 ft, 8 ft whips, or custom size. Featuring a True Quick Release design, all of these useful LED lights are simple to mount and remove from the vehicle with its locking hitch pin.

All of these great products from Buggy Whip are proudly manufactured in the USA, with 100% exclusive tubing and boasting a UV protection rating of 10+ years. No matter which unique Buggy Whip LED product you choose, you'll want to check out the Buggy Whip Quick Release Mount, including the release base adapter for LED Buggy Whip and a quick release base. One great reason we picked this product to offer on our HCT Powersports platform is its amazing Stainless Steel Marine grade, providing resistance to the damaging elements of rust. 

The thrill of easing into gear and setting out on an all-out race or quick weekend jaunt over dunes and sand is liberating: providing the ultimate escape while curbing the urge for exploration, your UTV will be fully-covered after a visit online to HCT Powersports. The daily risk factors of working in a mine are plentiful, and decades of experience navigating these dark and tight spaces is where Buggy Whip gained a hefty share of their expertise. Cheap imitations never fare too well with us here at HCT Powersports, where we aim to equip you with only the best Buggy Whip LED lights and more. Browse our large selection today, and equip your UTV with the confidence that you are protecting your prized recreational investment!  




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