The A-Arm, also known as the control arm, is the link between your UTV’s chassis and the wheel hub, and is one of the most critical suspension components, since it allows the wheel to remain secured to the chassis, and works with other suspension and steering components to turn and control the vehicle.

A-Arm bushings are a key part of this, too. These components prevent metal-to-metal contact between the A-Arms and other suspension components of the vehicle, and help dampen vibrations and shocks while riding off-road in your UTV.

But like any other suspension component, stock UTV A-Arm bushings can wear out over time, and the factory bushings will eventually need to be replaced on your UTV.

Want to upgrade your UTV for better off-road performance, or replace worn-out A-Arm bushings? With our RZR bushings and Can-Am bushings, you can replace our UTV’s A-arm bushings quickly and easily, and get back to ripping through the trails.

 Our products provide better wear resistance and better overall strength for your A-Arms, which is important if your UTV has been modified for more lift and a higher ride height. Among others, we offer bushing kits for:

What A-Arm Bushing Kit Should I Buy for My UTV?

The right A-Arm bushing kit will depend on the model of your UTV. RZR bushings and Can-Am bushings should only be used for compatible UTVs. For more information, we recommend clicking on the individual product listings on this page.

 No matter what UTV you have, though, these products from HCT Powersports are sure to provide unparalleled performance, durability, and reliability. They have been developed for easy installation with high-quality fit and finish, and they’re sure to hold up to even the most grueling trail conditions when installed on your UTV.

Get The A-Arm Bushings You Need From HCT Powersports Today

With a set of high-quality A-Arm bushings from HCT Powersports, you can keep your UTV in great shape, ensure your suspension components last longer, and replace worn-out bushings that may contribute to poor steering performance or suspension jolts.

Whether you need RZR bushings, Can-Am bushings, or bushings for other manufacturers, we’ve got you covered – and we’re always adding more products. Shop online for A-Arm bushing kits from HCT Powersports to upgrade your UTV now. Order now and get free shipping for all purchases over $99.99!  



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